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ayo reblog this if u post anime and funny stuff 

mainly makoharu and free and tokyo ghoul and dmmd and all the new animes airing this summer and 

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Calm your traffic cones down!!

Mako-chan is precious, please guide your fangirls to peace and achievement.

I would like to dedicate this drawing here to arminiously father, that guy has some nice Teddy Bear’s feels hahah, thanks for your blog, it amuses me a lot!!

Now, think of this as an AU where Makoto is Haru’s guardian angel, part two will be here as soon as I can finish!!

I have been looking into the scattering lights of your eyes, all the memories you rejoiced and turned into a life supply, there aren’t any words to fully describe you, the amazing and humble knowledge of your existence, those moments I spent with you, the non recognized me, I was invisible to your heart, translucent to your soul, your being. But my eyes never stopped flowing to your presence. 

Being this kind of protector has the most contradictory powers and acceptance, in one side, I can make you safe, at most guarantee and keep myself in peace, the realization that you are beside me, even if you don’t know. That’s the most conflicting part, I know every inch of you, every thought that came to your mind, and the feelings I helped you suppress or resonate.

And once again, you can’t bring yourself to know, my feelings for you are the most pure and ingenuous, yet dangerous and prohibited. I know I can’t make a real life appearance, but think of this dream as a reality to your own world, your own selfless mind and heart, make this a reason to keep on living, be sure that there’s someone who loves you, making your self the reason to keep on suffering for passion just to continue staring at the scattering lights of your ey…

At this moment, his protected and beloved one woke up, in the verge of tears, knowing that this dream wasn’t a simple illusion composed by his brain, with so many scores, melody and rhythm, he couldn’t bring himself to believe.

He started losing the need to hate himself, he began to remember that there is someone, in a place he doesn’t know, and maybe never will, who has him as the strength he once lost, as a part of his heart, as if they knew how important this dense and incomplete feeling was to the boy who once lost his will to live.

That’s it guys, I hope you like my babies, and let’s aggressively wait for season 2!!!

Free! Is back!!!

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Veterinarian Sits In A Parked Car For 30 Minutes To Show What It Does To Your Pet

Dr Ernie Ward has spent most of his career trying to get us to treat our pets better. Here, he sits in a parked car for 30 minutes to show you how hot is really does get when you leave your pet there. Listen to your veterinarians. You may not think it, but they are doing essentially human-level medical science on pets, not just giving your pooch a bath. (x)

And this is exactly why I call the cops on people who do this.


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are you trying to take over the world with eggs


I want one!

Please dear person I don’t know!

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Everyone who reblogs this will get the title of a book to read based on their bio/posts.

Everyone. I mean it.




they really do mean everyone

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Jun 16, 2014

Would you like me to draw anything? Please send me a message, but I don’t do nsfw!!

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Love is just love, we mustn’t label a feeling based in broken society standarts!

Finally, i finished this one, work made me have to wait! More are bound to come!
Thanks for liking my babies!!
This time a Jeanmarco

Shingeki no Kyojin is important!!

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JeanMarco WIP

I’ll finish this one


God bless me…

Too lazy to finish~ 
May 4, 2014

Too lazy to finish~ 

Figure Skating WIP!!
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Figure Skating WIP!!

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dude do you ever think about how hard your 11 year old self would shit themselves if they saw your art style now

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Jeanmarco WIPPrepare your hearts..
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Jeanmarco WIP
Prepare your hearts..

She was meant to be a Winter Fairy, but…
Well, I hope you guys like this one here!!
My OC (^~^)ゞ
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She was meant to be a Winter Fairy, but…

Well, I hope you guys like this one here!!
My OC (^^)
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Hello Guys!!
Thanks for still following, even with me not giving you things very often, you are amazing.

And it would be a pleasure if the artist I look up the most got to see this one, your style really inspires me to get better, Trix, I can’t explain how amazing you are, please keep giving us a little from your creativity!!

Well… Please, have my Natsugami here.

Ps: I really love fairies…

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Hello Guys! Part 2 from that other Makoto, this time our angel has fallen…
And I would like to give this one here for my beloved friend BELLA-SENPAI!!! Sorry for not keep conversations, I’m a shy person, and I think I will annoy you, please feel free! to talk with me, I love my friends in a way I can’t explain, thanks for being such a wonderful person!!
Well, here we go ~
All your actions, your desire of corruption, the unbelievable cursed flow of life.
You were once sacred, you once thought you weren’t worth living, having feelings, undeveloped fragments of your existence turned into needed steps in the lives revolving you.
Now you destroyed yourself, and I couldn’t stop you, make a wall to your impure mind. I’m the one at fault, but I came to suffer for passion regarding you one more time, I took the most horrible things from you and made them mine, your protector can’t make you safe anymore, the strength I used to love, to guard and to care for you, was replaced with angst and hatred you created inside yourself. I’m a fallen starer , I cant look at you anymore, I cannot send you that once in a life time resolve, the feeling of accomplishment, you being better and your old self, I can’t love you anymore, I have been sent to a place where I can’t see you, and no one else can protect you now, this is what hurts the most. Here I have to be a monster, a beast absorbed in the wild, I have marks in both mind and body, and nobody will care, I don’t even want them to, the only one who I care is you, this person, this perfect human being who made my first need, to be the urge to save you, to keep you in my arms, far from the rest of both our worlds, drawing in a canvas that was ours, and ours alone.
And again, I was the only one who knew it, that had it inside as the most precious memory and presence, if only I could make them yours too…
Not everything has a good ending, the universe ins’t such a nice offer, everybody dies, everybody keeps living on, but there’s always someone, a person, this being with the upmost feelings, who will stay in a paradox between these two states, living while receiving resolves of dead and corrupted people, and for the end, incapable of finding freedom because of previous mistakes. 
And then there is another one, the one who took almost everything and can’t be felt anymore, can’t express or make his words trough the other one ever again. The world is such an unfair place.
Thank you guys!! See you next drawing (*゚ー゚*)